1: Create a Facebook culture inside your organization

Measuring the Networked Nonprofit
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  • A social media policy provides the rule book for all staff to participate through personal use
  • Organizational guidelines for official spokespersons and department presence
  • Community guidelines for online discussions and posts
  • Allocates enough staff time for oversight and implementation
  • Implementation time is effective and efficient

Your homework: Write in your wiki journal your thoughts about creating a social media policy or expanding capacity. Review the social media policy examples and select one item from another organization’s
social media policy that might resonate with your organization. Write a Facebook Community Guidelines statement. Everything you need in the checklist!

Session Notes
Group 1a: 11:00 am
Group 1b: 1 pm

Session Recording
Group 1a: 11:00 am
Group 1b: 1:00 pm

Session Slides
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Checklist: Steps for Creating A Social Media Policy and Facebook Policy implementation tasks
social media policy - steps.pdf

Social Media Policy Tool

How To Create Facebook Culture Inside Your Organization

Trust Is Cheaper Than Control

Examples and Advice for Social Media Policies

Community Foundation of Santa Cruz
CFSCC_SocialMediaPolicy_08 17 11.pdf

Ford Motor Co. Social Media Policy
You can download the text

See examples of FB Community guidelines shared in the Stealth Measurement Group

There is also a need for online community participation guidelines for Facebook. These can be a brief and simple reminder about civility and respect and deleting in appropriate comments.

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