Group 1, Session 2:

Intent: Overall desired result that matches organizational outcome

SMART Objective: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely
To do statement that say how many, by when
Results, Tactical, or Capacity

Benchmark: Data from past performance or peer organizations to put the how many and by when into context

Metrics: Numbers

Key Peformance Indicators: Metrics that are most important to measuring progress toward your goal

Facebook Metrics:

Fans: The number of people who have joined your Facebook Page. Facebook Insights also calls them "Likes"
Likes on Wall Posts: People who have clicked the like button next to wall posts
Comments: written comments on posts
Impressions: The number of people who have seen your Facebook content in their news feed
Feedback Percentage: Impressions divided by the number of people who comment or like a content item posted on your wall
Traffic Referral: The percentage of monthly web traffic that was "referred" by Facebook. That is they saw your content on Facebook and clicked on the link. This number can be obtained from Google Analytics.