Recycle, reuse, or repurpose content from other channels

Content for Facebook
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  • Facebook content is part of your content ecosystem (print, web site, social, mobile, and email)
  • Editorial calendar or inventory
  • Balance of content your create and curate
  • Become a Chop Shop
  • Don’t automate
  • Post different types of content (photos, videos, text, and links)

Homework: Plan and track a month's worth of content.

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Facebook Spreadsheet
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Content 101
Content Curation Primer
Secret Life of Content
How To Create Content


  • Create a Monthly Editorial Calendar. Spend about an hour or two each month to create your editorial calendar. Take a look at all your existing content, events, and materials. Assign something for day. Facebook content is micro-content in small chunks. You can post questions, photos, videos, articles to blog posts, content that other people have created but on the topics you need, etc. Also create a list of "evergreen" content that doesn't require a date and you can post if you get stuck. How to keep you Facebook messaging consistent with a topic calendar and Holly Minch's Editorial Calendar Tool.

  • Become a Chop Shop: Look at existing content and pull small bites for posting.

  • Post different types of content and test what works (photos, videos, text, and links)

  • Engaging Nuggets Work Best The more interactive and visual your content is the better results you'll see. Here's a summary of the research and a podcast.

  • Link to other Content: This is the secret to a popular fan page - quality, compelling and small bites of content. There are also some good search engine optimization benefits as well. Here are some great tips for finding good content to share. It's also a good idea to link to posts and news from your fan page friends, even tagging them so they know about your post.

  • Automate Selectively: You can automate a well chosen feed, but you can't just let it stream and not visit the Fan Page. Think about what content your Fans on Facebook will most want to consume in small bites.

  • Link to Similar Facebook Pages: This is a great way to add content value and build community. How to display “Featured” Page’s on your Facebook Page

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