OE Peer Group #2: Improving Networked Nonprofit Practices: This peer group will use the “Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly” Maturity of Practice framework for Networked Nonprofits to improve their use of networks or social media. Participants will use the assessment tool to gauge their current level and identify areas for improvement. Each session will feature a case study and practical tips and measurement techniques for getting to the next level. The topics will include capacity/ culture, strategy/measurement, monitoring, engagement/content and continuous improvement/learning from data. Participants will be expected to apply some of the techniques and ideas between sessions and discuss what worked and what didn’t. Participants will use a wiki to keep an action learning journal and to share their insights. There will be a learning culmination event at the end of the program, an opportunity for participants to formally present what they learned. .

All Sessions are 60 minutes except the learning culmination

The schedule and syllabus is here

Participation Expectations
2-8 hours per month

  • More than one person per organization can participate and tag team the work, but whoever joins the call must be prepared
  • Attend conference calls and participate in Facebook Group
  • Participants will self-define their “homework” related to the topic of the call
  • Each organization will have a “wiki” journal for notes during the program and “look over the shoulder learning” is encouraged
  • Beth will publish a regular blog post summarizing the best practices or a case study
  • Beth will offer office hours to help organizations prep for presentations or group coaching on calls

Make sure your organization has signed the online LOA

Project Outcomes

  • Baseline level or score for social media practice improves by .5
  • 50% or 10 of participants improve social media practices in at least one area: capacity, culture, strategy, measurement, monitoring, engagement, or content.
  • 25% or 5 participants apply social media best practices and share what they’ve learned with others on the culmination call.

Monthly Calls

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866-740-1260 passcode: 740-5939 passcode: 740-5939

Office Hours (Optional)

Coaching for Presenting on Call
30 minute sessions

Facebook Secret Group

A place to ask questions and share insights
Participants in this group of Packard Grantees from OE Peer Learning 2013 and 2012
You may add/invite other people from your organization
Group Address:

Wiki Journals

  • Over the shoulder learning
  • Project tracking for case studies and presentations
  • Documentation for final report to Packard Foundation