Welcome to the Measuring the Networked Nonprofit Peer Learning Exchange

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As part of Beth Kanter's Visiting Scholar work plan for the David and Lucile Packard Foundation for 2012-2013, the Organizational Effectiveness Program is supporting Beth’s work with grantees with two peer learning exchanges that will provide capacity building to grantees in becoming networked and using measurement. The content is based on Beth Kanter's book, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Using Data To Change the World co-authored with measurement expert, KD Paine and published in October, 2012. The case studies and frameworks were developed and tested by Packard grantees as part of Beth's Visiting Scholar 2011-2012 work. The peer learning methodology is based on Beth's work with Packard grantees since 2009. Participants in past peer learning groups are eligible to apply.

  • Peer Learning Group 1 (Intermediate): Measuring the Networked Nonprofit Action Learning Project

  • Peer Learning Group 2 (Beginner): Improving Social Media Practices with Measurement